Not4Humans is an Indie Game Studio.


We’re a small independant video game studio, we have been creating games for a broad range of platforms, from browser to PC and mobile. Our big focus since the very beginning has been on delivering the best artistic, technical and gameplay quality to our players. We’re currently hard at work on a new title, aMAZEing Hamster, that is currently available on GoogleStore!


Not4Humans is a small team providing everything from comprehensive game design and original graphics to brand improvement strategies and technical support. With a depth of experience and rich creativity,. Our expert designers, animators, programmers have the ability to carry out any type of prroject. Our studio specializes in developing games, virtual reality, and professional tools.


With a strong passion for game design and art our goal is to create products for developers who are on a tight budget without sacrificing quality. Our entire design process is centered around the player, pushing for that rich, immersive atmosphere that leads to a great experience. We hope our assets help other developers! We focus on making things as easy and as beautiful as possible for everyone.

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We were living in darkness until, like Prometeus, he brought us the light. ...and a lighter to smoke




Human and monkey hybrid, as my grandmother said at my birth: This baby has too much hair... !!

Diego P.



Machines & Carbon-based life forms interpreter. You can find him in a cold and dark garage, stuffed with analog electronics, disassembled old computers, buzzing printers and beeping modems.

Carlos M.

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Evolved angel he studied the computer career to hack the Heaven. When enters a compiling trance he speaks a weird language. "Férvelle o eixe, carallo"


Lead Programmer


Native form the northern lands tribes where shaver is still to come, he can design worlds particle by particle like the ancient gods and has a particularly deep voice.


Game Design


Hammie was a ball and acrobatic weel teacher in the Sedgemoor district located in Cheddar reserve. Now he is a full-time hero in his odyssey to protect his village from the attack of the Fox and Owls. His mission is to collect the lost Hammulets


Rolling Hero

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